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Fort worth divorce attorneys

Our Fort Worth divorce lawyers realize that no two divorces are alike – each involves issues unique to the specific client. We will negotiate, or, if necessary, litigate a resolution that addresses all of a client’s issues, including child custody, visitation and support, division of assets and alimony.

Our attorneys are veteran divorce lawyers. We have decades of experience in handling all types of divorces, including complex, high-income and large-asset cases. We have experienced investigators and forensic accounting experts who value client assets and liabilities, assess the tax implications of major divorce-related decisions, and locate and document the income and assets of all parties, including corporate or business interests, commercial and residential real estate, stocks, securities, commodities, insurance, intellectual property and off-shore accounts.

Our attorneys have extensive courtroom experience handling hearings, trials and appeals. We also are skilled in mediation of divorce cases and handle legal separations and annulments.