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Fort Worth child custody attorneys

Our goal is, when practical, to provide both parents with frequent and continuing contact with their children, and to reduce conflict so that a divorce or separation has minimal impact on the children.

When it comes to children’s future, there may be no greater impact than the custody arrangement that is negotiated. One parent or both parents may make the vital decisions concerning a child – education, residence and medical. Whether you seek individual, joint, or shared custody of your children, our attorneys can seek an arrangement that is reasonable and is best for you and your children.

Visitation is when a non-custodial parent is permitted to spend time with his / her child. We help parents obtain possession arrangements tailored to their schedules and their children’s best interests.

When negotiation fails to provide a visitation or custody agreement amenable to all parties, our firm will fight in court for our clients’ rights. When visitation and custody orders are violated, we will go to court to see they are enforced. We also can petition the court to modify agreements or orders when family needs or situations change.

A divorce agreement also should adequately provide for your and your children’s financial needs. Loe Warren attorneys have decades of experience negotiating fair child support, medical support, and spousal support (alimony) payments. We can advise whether clients are receiving too little or paying too much in either spousal or child support.

We also counsel clients when circumstances change and require modification of the level of support. Additionally, we help ensure support orders are properly enforced.