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Fort Worth Business Law Attorneys

Business clients depend on us to provide thorough counseling and transactional services. For many clients, we are akin to in-house counsel. We take time to get to know each business client, the intricacies of the business and how it operates. We understand that business owners work hard to prosper. We help them protect the assets they have struggled to build. We counsel new businesses about whether to operate as a sole proprietorship, a partnership or corporation. We offer guidance about the legal and tax advantages of available options. We draft contracts for employees, customers and suppliers. We also craft bylaws and operational agreements that will determine how the business is to be run and clarify how and when the company may be dissolved. We conduct an extensive review of all documents to ensure our clients’ rights are protected. Our firm handles the sale, purchase, merger and dissolution of businesses of all types and sizes, negotiates leases and real estate sales, assists with obtaining financing and claims collection, and handles complex business transactions. We also aid clients in formulating business plans. There is no surer way to protect a business’ interests than with the guidance of Loe Warren attorneys.