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Fort worth appellate lawyers

Loe Warren is committed to representing clients in all phases of litigation, including new trials, appeals, and writs. To this end, our firm’s appellate practitioners have successfully briefed and argued before Texas and federal courts of appeal.

Our appellate knowledge benefits clients even before a case reaches the appeal stage. We draft thorough and effective summary judgment motions and responses, jury charges, findings of fact and conclusions of law, and post-trial motions such as motions for new trial.

Following trial, we pursue and defend appeals and may seek a stay of judgment pending an appeal.

In addition to representing the interests of existing clients on appeals and writs, Loe Warren’s appellate attorneys often are retained by outside attorneys to help represent individuals and entities at the appellate level. The firm’s attorneys use the utmost discretion in such matters, taking care to maintain the trust of those attorneys who see fit to associate our firm into a case.

Whether involved in the underlying litigation or not, Loe Warren provides superb appellate services to its clients.